In Canvas The Gallery, you are given an empty art gallery, a spray can and let loose. You can paint whatever you want, and people will come and view your drawings. Share your galleries with your friends, or upload your own pictures and have them shown in your gallery. Featuring music by Chopin that will adapt to your painting activity.
Each gallery in Canvas The Gallery is a convenient folder, with all paintings available as .pngs. It is very easy to share your galleries with friends. Just send them the folder, and have them put it in their documents\CanvasTheGallery folder. Then, your friend can edit the gallery, and send it back!
Use any picture due to the fully accessible painting files, it is possible to swap any picture in and have it displayed as a painting in your gallery. Use your photography photos, photos of your cat, or create a gallery entirely of memes, no one will stop you.
Features since prelease
Since the game’s initial alpha release on, a ton of features have been added. The full RGB spectrum is now avaiable for color selection, you can use one of hundreds of stencils to draw, and the painting has been made more fluid and dynamic, with simplified controls.

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