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New Deal: Miner Wars Arena on PC/Mac, BTA for Miner Wars 2081 Game Bundle

Today’s Deal is for Miner Wars Arena on PC/Mac.  Pay more than $1 to get a Steam Key.  The real meat of the deal is beating the average to receive Miner Wars 2081 (PC and Steam key) and the game’s Original Soundtrack.


Fast-paced arcade game inspired by the PC gaming classic, Tunneler, with state-of-the-art top-down, 2.5D gameplay in a fully destructible environment! 

Game Keys and Bonus Content:

Pay more than $1 to receive a Miner Wars Arena Steam Key.  Beat the average for the Miner Wars 2081 Original Soundtrack and to unlock the multiplayer bonus game, Miner Wars 2081 for Windows PC and Steam:


Miner Wars 2081 is a 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) action-survival space-shooter simulation-game set in the year 2081, 10 years after the destruction of all planetary objects in the Solar System. 

You operate an advanced mining ship in a fully destructible and open-world environment, which remains persistent as you complete missions or play online with others. Realism and survival are key aspects of gameplay. Inventory and the way you use resources such as fuel, ammunition, oxygen, ore, and weapons are important when surrounded by dozens of warring factions.

Featured Charity: Electronic Frontier Foundation

Developer, Keen Software House, has selected the EFF to receive 10% of the proceeds of this 96 hour sale.

Grab this incredible multiplayer miner wars bundle today!

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