This week I’ve been hard at work on the new IndieGameStand Widget:

Like many other sites, IGS has finally gotten around to building a widget that allows game developers to sell their game on their own website.  The widget is free to use (IGS takes a measley 5% of each sale) and 95% of the net revenue of all sales go to the developer so it’s a great way to support indie developers.  To my knowledge it’s also the first of these widgets to support Paypal, Amazon, Credit card and Bitcoin payments – so that’s pretty cool – especially since Bitcoin transaction fees are $0.01.

Indie Game Developers have the option to receive an email notification every time a sale is made via their widget.  All you need to do is include an email address in our developer portal.  It’s also important to note that Developers are FREE to use the widget WITHOUT listing their game in our store or ever doing a featured deal.  All Widget and Store sales are combined to calculate an indie studios balance.  Game developers can request a payout whenever their balance is more than our minimum payout of  $100.

The widget will soon be readily available to all developers registered with our site, but if you want to test it out right now please email matt @IndieGameStand dot com.  If anyone runs into any issues with the widget please let us know.