Indie games are in a class of their own –literally! There are so many new wonderful indie games constantly being released, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to play first. While mainstream games and online casinos have a relatively stable amount of games or websites being released, there are many more indie games being released every day. This means that with well-established brands in these industries, you will easily be able to identify the front runners; GTA, Halo, and Fallout in mainstream gaming and in the online casino industry. Since there is such a high volume of new releases, we have gone ahead and sifted through them all, finding you the best indie games that have been released in the last year, or will be released soon.

Super hot


Super hot is…super hot! This FPS games differs from any other that you have played before. This is a minimalist styled game- don’t expect to see any colors other than red, white, black and shades of grey. This is to help you focus on the most important elements of the game and not get distracted by the graphics. It has a really cool feature: time only moves when you do. This allows you to avoid bullets, and gives you an overall increased sense of awareness in the game. I am not usually a fan of FPS games, but this one is so great!

Night in the woods

Okay, first things first: The animation in this game is amazing. Its quirky style is so lovable that I want to buy all the available merchandise. This coming of age tale tells the story of Mae (who is a cat). Mae drops out of college and returns to her home town called Possum Springs.  Mae has to adjust to life back home with her old friends who have now changed and seem different and strange. And then there is the there is something mysterious in the woods. This game is great. You must give it a go.

One way trip

One way trip has not yet been released, but holy guacamole I am so excited for its release this year that I had to include it in this list. I obviously have not played it yet, but I am willing to put good money on it that it is going to be phenomenal. The story line goes as follows: You have been poisoned and you only have six more hours to live. What is more; you will spend your last remaining hours tripping and hallucinating. You have to make decisions as you go through the game, and these will determine its outcome. The choices you have to make will make you think about what it means to be a good person and live a meaningful life. It also tackles themes of mortality and the opportunity cost of decisions that we make; having to prioritize your goals throughout the decision-making process. The animation in this game is pretty cool; a style I have not quite seen before.