So something that came up while we were working on the free games section was a way to have PWYW or some donate/tip functionality for developers.  If you’ve been browsing some of our free games, you’ve likely already seen the donate button in action, but here’s a step by step for game developers on how to set it up and how it works.

Step 1: Submit your Game (if you’re not already an IGS developer)

Step 2: Login to the Developer Portal and setup a Paypal Email address for your studio.  Remember to click submit so it saves!

Step 3: Setup and List your Free game in our new Free Games Section.

That’s it! Now your free games will have a Donate/Tip button that lets anyone donate directly to you as a game developer.  That’s right! IGS doesn’t take a cent of your free game donations or tips. We actually built it so that when people click it, they donate whatever price or amount they want directly to your paypal account:

This way developers get the donation/tip money IMMEDIATELY in their paypal account.  We do reference the game name (where they clicked the button) and that it is a donation from IndieGameStand so that you know where any new funds in your paypal account came from.  We hope all you freeware developers out there will come and checkout how easy IGS is to use and list yoru free game with us.  Hopefully, our awesome community will support you and send you some donations as this part of site continues to grow!