Salt sweeps through the silent city, each time you venture forth new streets will greet you.

Find whats left of the cities old occupants; a guilt ridden scientist, a military occupation, an underground resistance, a catastrophe, and scavengers picking over the remnants.

You have been given an opportunity to explore the silent city.

..; ;; .’.,, . why not take it?


Tab/E/Click : Open journal / access transmission

z/Left arrow – x/Right arrow : Cycle journal entries

C : crouch

Shift : sprint

WASD : movement

The silent city is procedurally generated, so there is a lot of it to see, and not every structure will be climbable. Don’t fear climbing, as crouching and jumping can get you extra height, and you might be surprised at where you find yourself.

If you have any troubles getting it working, don’t hesitate to let me know on twitter @squidlygames.

Made forfluenced by Looming and Eidolon.

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