On his way back from work, a young man finds himself in a subway power outage. With all the lights out, he strives to find his way to the surface. But great dangers lurk in the dark…

Created by two friends during the Asylum Jam 2015 but completed after the 48 hours deadline, Lives Out is a proof of concept for a side-scrolling story-telling game featuring retro-pixels, with emphasis on ambience and scene setting.
We recommend to play it in a dark room with headphones.

Feel free to leave us a message, we’d love to know if in your opinion this sort of game and story should be continued.

Thank you for playing!

– Use left or right keys to move the character on screen
– Use Space to trigger actions or dialogues
– Use Enter, Escape and arrow keys to browse options in menus

– Code and audio: Christophe “CarboHydroM” Blondel – http://carbohydromusic.com/
– Pixelart: S├ębastien “Khnoum” Canovas – http://khnoum.tumblr.com/

v0.1.3 (2015/11/27)
– Stable version on Windows 7 (at long last)
– Maintain consistent controls even when triggering an action and walking at the same time
– Make some short speeches unattended (torch and crowbar)
– Widen the ending detection area so that the game can always be completed when reaching the station

v0.1.2 (2015/11/20)
– Load story data from resources file in binary form to avoid a crash on all Windows systems (the game still crashed on Windows 7 for instance)

v0.1.1 (2015/11/19)
– Allow the player to complete the game without picking up the torch
– Bugfix : the game randomly crashed on start (Windows only) – tested successfully on Windows 10 only

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