Procedurally generated galaxy

All the content in the game is generated while the player explores. So whereever you go, you will always find new places, ships and factions. The galaxy is nearly endless, so visit the sector next to yours and find who your neighbours are!

Space Sandbox

The game is meant to be a sandbox. You’re free to do pretty much everything you want to: Explore, mine asteroids, trade goods, help others, build up an army, go to war, be a pirate, raid helpless freighters. Do whatever suits you most!

Build your own ship

You can build your own ship just as you wish to. As everything is made of blocks in the game, you can combine them in any way to build your perfect ship.


Money and resources are gained from mining asteroids or old ship wrecks. Collect enough credits to build up enormous space ships!

Play with your friends

The game will be a multiplayer game with multiple players on one server. You can play with your friends, team up to destroy the evil fractions and pirates, or you can play against each other. Do as you wish!

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