Welcome to the arcade world of Bombs La Bombs. In this arcade style game you will walk,run,jump,shoot and collect different power-ups to defeat the evil baddies. Bombs will work on certain enemies and shooting will work on certain enemies so enjoy figuring out which power-up will work.Each power-up that you collect will give you a differenteffect. Ex: collect the 1-up will give you a free life, collect the swordy power-up and you will be able to fire double swords and etc…. Can you survive??? ———————————————————-Main Menu Controls———————————————————-Keyboard ControlsPress Space bar or Left mouse click to start gameGamepad ControlsPress A button to start gameLeft mouse click or Press B button on the Johnson 80 Games Logo to go to more gamesLeft mouse click or Press Y button on the Facebook Logo to go to Johnson 80 Games Studio page—————————————————In-Game Controls—————————————————Keyboard ControlsArrow keys for MovementDown Arrow key to activate fall thruPress C Key to jumpPress X key to shootPress Z key to drop bombsGamepad ControlsD-Pad for MovementPress Down on D-pad to activate fall thruPress A Button to jumpPress B button to shootPress Y button to drop bombsFULL SCREEN MODE Press the F Key Press the Right Analog Stick on GamepadGAME OVER SCREENPress Tab key on keyboard to go back to Main MenuPress Back button on gamepad to go back to Main Menu
————————————————–DOWNLOAD AND INSTALLATION—————————————————After download is  complete chose a directory to install the game.-Once game is installed go to Program Files or Program Files(x86) folder on your C:drive-Look for the folder name BOMBS LA BOMBS on your C:drive-Double click to open folder-Look for a file name nw-Double click to load game-You can create a shortcut by right click on the file name nw