2014 is coming to a close tonight and with all the lists going around, I thought it only appropriate to include my top games of 2014.  My list is not limited to indie games or even computer games but rather all games.  There’s everything on here from indie PC game to mobile to Playstation 4.  The only thing I didn’t include was board and analog games (mainly because I’m not with it enough to know the release dates on those games).  Here’s my favorite games of 2014 and what platform I played those games on in ():

1. Broforce (PC)

Broforce is probably the most visceral fun that I had all year.  Playing this game local co-op took me back to when I had my friends over and we all sat in front of the Sega Genesis.  The best word to describe this game: FUN


2. Hearthstone (PC, Android)

I have to put Hearthstone near the top since it was definitely the game that I played the most.  It’s an incredibly addictive game.  Get ready to say, “Just one more match” or “I’ll do that right after this match” to your significant other.


3. Valiant Hearts (PS4)

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is actually one of the most mature games that I played all year.  The story was really poignant and I loved the visuals and overall presentation.  It really surprised me.

4. Towerfall Ascension (PC, PS4)

This is my competitive game of 2014. I love how easy it is to pickup and play for people to learn and how quickly they get sucked into the subtleties of the game.  I was also pleasantly surprised by the cooperative quest mode.


5. Threes! (iPhone)

Get ready to rudely stare at your phone even more with Threes! This game is simple yet addictive.  Combine that with the fact it’s on your phone and with you at all times and you have yourself a problem.  My wife and I have a friendly high score competition going.


6. Transistor (PS4)

Transistor oozes quality production.  It has great visuals, artwork, and voice acting, but it’s unique game mechanics and story is what kept me entranced throughout the entire campaign.  The battle engine is phenomenal, flexible and challenging.  You can play the game as an action game or turn-based strategy RPG and the story will leave you hankering to discuss it with friends.


7. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)

I played this game exclusively until I beat it.  It borrows from other great games but it does it well.  It’s a great open world stealth game that offers great variety through it’s Arkham Asylum combat to it’s Assassin’s Creed inspired stealth missions.



This game is a psychedelic trip.  Astounding visuals and music – get lost in the music.


9. Rogue Legacy (PS Vita)

This game is a little grindy but at it’s core it’s a randomly generated Metroidvania game (which happens to be one of my favorite genres).  I really enjoyed it.


10. Monument Valley (iPhone)

The level design in this game is mindbending.  My mind hasn’t been this blown since the original Portal. It’s a really tight and enjoyable experience…plus who doesn’t love MC Escher.

Omissions (AKA don’t yell at me)

I feel the need to include a few games that I did not include because I felt that I hadn’t played them enough or at all:

Smash Brothers – I love the series but have only played a few matches on 3DS.

Alien Isolation – I got this game yesterday and am looking forward to it.

Mario Kart 8 – I don’t have a Wii U and haven’t played the newest Mario Kart at all.  64 will always be #1 in my book though.

Dragon Age Inquisition – I wasn’t a big fan of the first game, but have heard good things so I’m actually considering coming back to the series.

Far Cry 4 – I have it and like it a lot, but it just missed the list.

The Last of Us – Definitely my favorite game from 2013 and probably the best game for PS3 ever – I just didn’t feel the need to buy and replay the PS4 version this year.

My Biggest 2014 Gaming Disappointments:

These games aren’t so much “Bad” as they are disappointments for me. I expected these games to be among my favorites and they fell short.

1. Destiny – Bungie really failed me this year.  I bought a PS4 for Destiny.  It’s not a bad game – the core shooting is actually really tight, but the more I play it the more repetitive it feels.  I also feel like it’s inexcusable to have a game focusing on multiplayer co-op without a vehicle that you can ride around with your friends in (Halo 1 had the Warthog for gods sake).  This game is a huge grind and I find myself asking where’s the variety whenever I play it.

2. Titanfall – This game is a lot of fun, but it burned bright and faded too quickly.  I’m not sure why so many people dropped off (myself included) but I feel like maybe it’s because the game is a little too arcadey.  It sucks that the game I was most excited about at PAX Prime a few years ago seems to be a ghost town now.

3.  Broken Games: Assassin’s Creed Unity, Watch Dogs PC, Master Chief Collection etc.

4. Steam Machines – Where are they? Can’t I just use Gigabyte Intel Brix?

Happy New Year everyone!