There has been a lot of backend and behind the scenes work going on lately with the website in preparation for a pretty large developer portal update that will add the tagging functionality to all the games on the site.  Today, we’ve pushed out a small part of some of this new functionality with our new indie studio pages.  Basically, these pages list all the developer information in our backend (games, website, blog, and more coming soon!) and group their games together on one page.  Here’s an example if you’re interested in all of Might and Delight’s great indie games.

What’s really cool is that if you include a valid rss/xml feed in our backend, we will repost your latest news and blog posts on your page as well.  The feeds can even bring in any images and videos that developers may post on their blogs (see David Stark’s page for example).

Anyways, hopefully all the gamers and developers out there appreciate this small improvement.  Feel free to let us know what you think or anything else that you would like us to add to this page in the future.