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At the beginning, young Edna wakes up in the padded cell of an insane asylum with no memory of her past. She doesn’t have the slightest idea how she wound up there, but one thing is for sure, she wants out! After all, she feels perfectly sane – and her talking stuffed bunny Harvey agrees completely. Together, they attempt an escape and, in doing so, meet their extremely bizarre fellow patients – from the man in the bee costume to the pseudo-Siamese twins Hoti and Moti. But Dr. Marcel, head of the asylum, will stop at nothing to keep Edna from escaping. What does he have planned for her? And why was her memory erased? Gradually, Edna regains her memory of the time before her detention in her cell…

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Accompany young Edna and her talking stuffed bunny Harvey on a whacky attempt to escape from her padded cell. Experience a bizarre journey all across the insane asylum and far beyond its brick walls.

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go! Mo 

Go!Mo lets you help Mo reach the stars and have tons of fun doing it. Idea is simple – jump. Jump up, jump off the wall, jump again, jump faster, higher and do it with style. Either by doing 500+ combo, buying Mo a new stylish rocker hat, beating friend’s score or just sharing the picture of your happy, friendly mouse dressed to impress.

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Exit: A Biodelic Adventure

“Nano, Bio, Neuro” is the slogan of the new age. Exit: A Biodelic Adventure is a classic sci-fi point’n’click set in a surreal biotech world where computers can be fed and cured, spores of mutant insects revive memory, gene-locks are opened with DNA-passwords, household objects are born in animal bio-factories, gene-modified molds generate a virtual reality, and the artificial neural net epidemic is ravaging the human race and turning people into slaves of the mysterious Worm. Having entered this brave new world, can you find the exit?

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Red Survivor

As the tsarist regime finally collapses, Russia is bleeding. Her sons have been lost on the battlefields of World War I, and now, with the revolt, her sons and daughters fight one another.

Now, a new force has risen – strange and mysterious, automatons with blank eyes and steel hearts wander the wilderness, preying upon those few Russians left.

Those brave souls who remain are under your care. Good luck, comrade.

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