Finding Teddy is a Retro Point’n’click Interactive Tale.

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Finding Teddy is a Retro Point’n’click Interactive Tale.

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A little girl was sleeping peacefully with her Teddy bear, when suddenly, a monster popped out from her cupboard then stole her favorite plush.

When closing the door, the little girl awoke then got inside the cupboard. She’s projected in a magical world, full of monsters and oddities where she has to discover the place and help their beings and find back her Teddy. 

Still one question remain : will she be able to go back to the real world ? 


The littlegirl : She’s the main character, she’s looking for her Teddy bear. 
Mister Fly : Very useful fly to access some items where the little girl can’t go. Verycourteous. 
Mister Cat : Has a bad temper, nevertheless useful to access small places and narrow galleries. Just need to scratch its back. 


In a very traditional point’n’click way, the inventory is very easy to use. Just drag’n’drop the items where you want. 
You can also click everywhere on the screen to interact with the environment. 

You will meet two characters who’ll help you in your periple. 
You can save the game anytime, if you get killed, you’ll go back to the same place, no need to load your game. No dialogue. Riddles are the main point of the game. 

Finding Teddy is : 

– The revival of Point’n-Click. 
– Graphics completely handmade, realized pixel by pixel. 
– An adventure divided into three chapters including dozens of riddles with multiple side quests.


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