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New Release - “Dungeon of Gain” Alpha for Windows + Desura


The protagonist goes on an adventure in the hope to unravel the central mystery - what happened to the city in the past. The player starts the game with one of the three heroes. Going through dungeons, the player kills monsters , exploring dungeons and lights a torch that would light them. There he finds chests with weapons, armor and potions. Finds traps , riddles and quests.

 A different style of play for each of the characters. Generated quests. Rare and enchanted weapon and armor. Variety and unique of enemies. Create own dungeons and call for help your friends!

This game is currently in development but you can purchase the Alpha and all future updates on Indie Game Stand!

New Release - “World of Diving” Early Access /w Steam


An uncharted world awaits! 

World of Diving is the Oculus Rift-enabled online diving game that brings you an exhilarating multiplayer diving adventure, all without getting wet. access the game via Early Access and start playing straight away!

Note: This game is currently in Early Access and requires Steam. 

Check it out on Indie Game Stand! 

1849: Nevada Silver DLC Now Available

NEW! 1849: Nevada Silver DLC is now available!

We’re proud to announce the launch of a new DLC for an IGS favorite -1849!

Technological advances and lessons learned from the Gold Rush make the Nevada Silver Expansion Pack a rewarding new arena for 1849 players. With trains moving goods between distant cities, steam-powered mills boosting production, and more complex mining processes yielding deeply hidden riches, 1849: Nevada Silver expands on 1849’s addictive simulation gameplay to provide more challenge on a bustling new frontier. 

NOTE: This DLC requires the original 1849 to be owned and redeemed via Steam. 

If you don’t already own 1849, be sure to check it out on the Indie Game Stand Store (includes Steam key)

New Release - “Still Not Dead”

Waking alone on the front lines of the apocalypse, you run to scavenge food and arm yourself with a devastating arsenal of traps, weapons and items in order to overcome death long enough to fulfill each characters dying wish.. whether that be finding their long lost dog or listening to one last sonata in the moonlight. 

- Wield bone crushing melee weapons from a lowly brick, to a devastating battleaxe 
- Find new weapons each game: rocket launchers, sticky nades, molotovs, shotguns, uzis, rifles, machineguns, flamethrowers, chainsaws… 
- Lure the undead into devious traps of your own creation 
- Tactical items to discover from radar to reflex enhancing drugs 
- Massive procedural forest for exploration, discovery and daring tales of survival 
- Perks, upgrades and loot items to give you a fighting chance

Pay What You Want - Steel and Steam

Today’s Deal is for the fantasy JRPG, Steel & Steam for Windows. Pay at least $1 to receive a Steam key. Beat the average price to unlock the bonus OST. 

Steel & Steam takes the best elements from the fantasy JRPG’s of old, such as great stories, awesome characters, and classic monsters, and combines them with a touch of steampunk. It’s like taking Lord of the Rings and mixing in the Wild West. 

Pay What YOU Want for this cool game today on Indie Game Stand!