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New Release - Mecha Squad

You are a Mecha pilot, sent on the planet Shay with two of yours companions, to protect human colonies against many creatures until army forces arrival !

The game is divided into two phases, phases of intense action when the player must repulse waves of creatures and phases of management when he will use credits obtained during the first phase to improve weapons and equipment of his Mecha and those of his teammates.

- 8 missions of non-stop action
- 8 monsters to fight
- 3 mechas to drive and buy, light, medium and heavy
- 12 various weapons, from the gatling-gun to the flame-thrower !
- 6 equipments to incrase your mecha power and those of yours partners
- 3 types of difficulty
- procedural enemies generation, for infinite replay-value !

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New Release - Chibiwa

Get in on the hottest thing this summer as we jump in to a world that has been over run by Orcs. Its a Rough Arcade, Japanese Styled Dungeon Crawler. Get your game face on as one of this years hardest game is about to hit.

An Intense battle ground where enemies don’t know when to stop, teaming up and coming after you making you think twice of how you approach the gang that is on your tail.

With worlds that light up the experience, giving you an incentive to fight for a reason. As there is a lot at stake and lives are in the balance. Experience the Town, the valley and the lost kingdom.

If you stay alive long enough, you will find your skills in battle will increase with a magical flavour, arcane, fire & holy to mention a few spells.
As well as strength & agility to make you a truly unique hero among many.

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Pay What You Want - Drive to Hell on Windows/Mac

Drive to Hell is an action-packed shooter where you’ll take a ride through an army of monsters to exact revenge on the Demon King for destroying your favorite dive bar. Enemies assault from all sides, each with its own special personality and attack style. To take them down, you’ll have access to many weapons and items as well as unique vehicles, special abilities and more!

Features include:

- 5 Levels with 5 Waves apiece, each with its own unique look
- 3 Difficulty Settings, challenging beginners and experts alike
- Up to 4-Person Multiplayer
- Endless Survival Mode
- Over a Dozen Powerups & Weapons
- Hordes of Deadly Monsters, including 5 Bosses
- Numerous vehicles each with their own stats & special abilities
- Trophy System with a reward for completion
- Original Soundtrack
- 3 Control Options (keyboard/keyboard & mouse/controller)
- Customizable Options for Sound & Display

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New Release - Quarries of Scred

Welcome to the Quarries of Scred.

You will surely perish.

Quarries of Scred harks back to a simple arcade style - dig down, collect different minerals and dirt ore and return to cash in! Strategic use of lasers, land mines and self-destruction will ensure access to hard to reach areas, though care must be taken at all times within… the Quarries of Scred!

Guide Bob the Digger through the Quarries as he attempts to excavate a fortune in hopes of activating a teleporter - enabling him to escape his creditors.

Your greed will be your undoing.

* Daily challenge - compete against other players on the subreddit ( on a unique map each day. One attempt per day, highest score wins.
* Darkness mode - amp up the difficulty with restricted vision
* Time based challenge modes - 60 second & 120 second challenges provoke entirely different strategies
* Option to change graphics - comes with a number of different graphics sets, including those inspired by EGA, CGA, ASCII & a number by the great Jay the Robot & CNIAngel.
* Harness various tech slot items - Land mines, lasers, gravity inverters & more

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New Release - Vintage Year for $2.99

-Randomly Generated Levels 
-Two Game Modes 
-16 Characters 
-Custom Characters 
-Score Tracking 
-Challenging Enemies 
-Plethora of items to be used 
-Multitudes of melee, projectile, and explosive weaponry 
-Level up to increase stats and attributes 
-Purchase and unlock new characters with special passives 
-Fluid Controls 
-Addicting and fast placed gameplay 
-Supports English, Spanish, French, and Danish

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